Welcome from the Vice Chancellor of Global Affairs


Dear colleagues, interinstitutional partners, and international peers:

Thank you for your commitment to global education.

The importance of global engagement and collaboration cannot be overstated and is carefully woven into the fabric of the University of Pittsburgh’s strategic priorities. Despite mitigating challenges on the future of international collaboration in higher education, Pitt stands steadfast in its commitment to global engagement. As stated in Chancellor Patrick Gallagher’s In Support of Global Engagement and as evidenced in the Global Plan for Pitt, we are committed to thoughtful and meaningful collaboration with partners and entities worldwide.

Pitt’s University Center for International Studies (UCIS) falls under a unique and impactful reporting structure, sitting under the university provost so that resources and projects can be incorporated across all schools and campuses. This breaking down of silos allows not only for engagement across disciplines, but creates a larger ecosystem of globally engaged students, faculty, and staff – collectively known as PittGlobal.

To expand Pitt’s international efforts, PittGlobal strives to create an ecosystem known as the Global Partnership Incubator (GPI) to both create new partnerships and expand existing ones. The first phase of the GPI is this very site. Here, we strive to engage, enrich, and empower members of Pitt’s vast network by connecting our globally minded and entrepreneurial faculty, staff, students, and alumni with international interinstitutional partners. We aim to facilitate conversations and mechanisms to secure the human, financial, and institutional capital necessary to support innovation, collaboration, and change on a global scale.

Whether you are a current member of our Pitt community, a Pitt partner, or a potential partner interested in learning more about possible collaboration with our university, I sincerely thank you. Our collective commitment to advancing knowledge, research, and thoughtful conversations with you, benefit not only our institutions but our world.

All the best,

Ariel C. Armony, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs
Director, University Center for International Studies