Maximizing Your Global Engagement

University senior leaders have always, and will continue to play a critical role in strengthening Pitt's reputation as a leader in global education.

In order to provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and senior leaders to maximize their global engagement, the Global Partnerships & Partner Engagement team and, in turn, the Global Partnership Incubator (GPI) were formed.

The Incubator is intended not only to create new international inter-institutional partnerships and expand existing ones for the university, but to create and leverage these international partnerships to assist schools, departments, and senior leaders in meeting their global goals, developing their strategic plans, and overcoming challenges in areas from enrollment to revenue and beyond.

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In addition to fostering student mobility, partnerships can:

Support Faculty Development

Connect to international experts in the field, cutting edge institutions, and global collaborations.

Increase International Prestige

Utilize dual degree programs to increase enrollment and international prestige.

Expand Opportunities For Research

Conduct research virtually or in-person with international peers for high-impact co-publications.

Increase Enrollment

Address a lack of expertise or limited lab or studio space by utilizing partnerships to expand access.

Increase Revenue

Offer training programs or consulting to schools overseas and help international peers establish themselves. 

Do So Much More...

Reach out and utilize the Global Partnership Incubator to learn more and support your global initiatives and plan.

Reach out to the Global Partnerships Team and utilize the Global Partnership Incubator and utilize these valuable resources and leverage international partnerships to support your school, departmental, and university-wide initiatives and global plan today!