Discerning Visit Requests and Welcoming Global Leaders

The University of Pittsburgh warmly welcomes international delegations from around the world to more deeply engage with global peers.

Whether delegates hope to meet with University leadership or individual faculty, the Global Partnerships Team is pleased to offer a large library of resources and expertise regarding discernment, strategic planning, and logistical management of all delegations visiting the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Please note that as a university senior leader, the Global Partnerships team will only approach your office for meetings with delegation visitors who have been thoroughly vetted.

There are a few likely scenarios in which the partnerships team will reach out to the offices of Pitt's senior leaders:

  1. If a delegation includes an institution's senior leader(s) or other high-level individual(s) requesting a possible meeting with Pitt's senior leadership, the Pitt partnerships team will reach out to the appropriate office(s) to in inquire about interest and availability of leadership to meet with this pre-vetted guest.
  2. PittGlobal also receives visit requests from many interesting but non-strategic partners. If PittGlobal determines that they are not the appropriate department or do not have the capacity to host, the partnerships team may reach out to your office to gauge your school/department/office's interest in hosting this pre-vetted delegation.

Your Dedicated Global Partnerships Team

The Global Partnerships Team  is comprised of experts from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Global Affairs, Health Sciences. While some visits are handled by individuals within a single school or department, high-level delegations will require the attention of this specialized Partnerships Team.

The Global Partnerships Team leads the logistical planning process for delegations involving Pitt and/or partner university senior leadership. By engaging key individuals across relevant schools or departments, this team ensures the highest quality experience for:

  • senior-level visits
  • meetings for high-level international dignitaries and delegations
  • visits from strategic partners of the University of Pittsburgh
  • other high profile visits with greater ties to either Pitt or the city of Pittsburgh

The Global Partnerships Team is honored to act as a resource for senior leaders and can provide tools and key messaging for senior leaders as they consider:

  • how delegation visits can advance initiatives and support your own global goals
  • the commitment required of faculty and staff resources when hosting a visit
  • linkages of other priorities and projects already in motion between Pitt and their institution, country, or region of origin
  • how to signal to faculty the importance of global collaboration and potential impact of delegation visits
  • other ways in which to champion Pitt's greater global goals

Additional resources are available for you, your administrative team, and our many faculty regarding delegation visits here.