Opportunities to Partner

Pitt is committed to forging strong mutually-beneficial interinstitutional partnerships to offer opportunities for global education not only to the Pitt community, but to the students and faculty at diverse partner institutions across the world.

The University views our interinstitutional partners as critical colleagues in ensuring both university and student success. In order to ensure that Pitt is strategic about engaging with new partners, the University aims for partner institutions that:

Ensure a Mission-Driven Focus to all Partnerships

All partnerships should be in alignment with and/or expand upon the University of Pittsburgh’s mission and intellectual, economic, and social goals for Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Foster a Global Mindset, Diversity, and Inclusion in an Ever-changing World

Partnerships of all levels should establish a culture of belonging and inclusion amongst diverse groups of students, faculty, staff, and researchers.  Pitt partnerships strive to empower all learners by offering an education that is accessible to those from a variety of backgrounds and abilities in an environment that is globally minded. The University understands the need to be forward-thinking and ensures that a supportive environment exists for all who seek knowledge in an increasingly global atmosphere. The University of Pittsburgh recognizes that cross cultural learning is a critical aspect of ensuring a well-rounded approach to a global education.

By partnering with thought leaders with diverse perspectives and experiences, these collaborative efforts use cultural and regional differences to both partners’ advantage. Pitt and its partners can identify common issues and offer dynamic solutions while fostering shared cultural learning. By formalizing these partnerships and creating concerted results-driven efforts, partnerships instill a sense of accountability in collaborators and offer opportunities for constant growth, innovation, and improvement.   

Partnership with the University of Pittsburgh may occur in many forms, such as:

  • create dual degree programs
  • offer international student intern agreements
  • collaborate on co-publications
  • co-host an event or educational conference
  • develop pathway programs
  • visit Pitt's campus as part of a formal delegation to explore collaboration opportunities
  • and more

Learn more about Pitt’s standard partnership agreement types here.

To explore a potential new partnership, contact the Global Partnership team today!

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