Developing impactful partnerships and building bridges for global education

The University of Pittsburgh is exceptionally poised to take bold steps in becoming one of the world’s leading comprehensive universities. As reflected in the Global Plan for Pitt, the University strives to offer a pathway to become a more diverse, global, and broadly inclusive institution of higher education. Pitt emphasizes a strategic approach to international partnerships and concerted decision-making that leads to transformational action and real-world impact. The University offers a variety of partnership agreement types which can require varying levels of investment. To learn more about Pitt’s partnership agreements, visit Types of Partnership Agreements. To better understand Pitt’s strategic approach to partnerships, click here.

How do I explore a potential partnership with Pitt?

The University of Pittsburgh is excited to explore potential collaborations with international partners with shared interests, mutual goals, and complimentary assets.

If you are an institution interested in exploring a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, please contact the Global Partnerships team or request a virtual meeting with the team today. This dedicated team is able to strategically and systematically offer support to those interested in forming new interinstitutional partnerships. By understanding the goals, objectives, and resources of a potential partner institution, the partnership team is able to strategically approach University of Pittsburgh schools, departments, and faculty to gauge interest and capacity in developing a new interinstitutional partnership.