Partnerships at Pitt


The University of Pittsburgh is committed to its global inter-institutional partnerships. By integrating local and transnational perspectives and collaborating with international thought leaders across a diverse network of institutions, Pitt can advance new knowledge, ground-breaking innovation, and life-changing research.

It is through these dynamic partnerships that we bring the world to Pitt and Pitt to the world.

Pitt’s Global Partnership Mission 

To establish an inclusive and multi-layered network of community, corporate, and university partners committed to addressing critical local and global issues through focused, multi-dimensional engagement and collaboration in research, teaching, and service on a global stage.  

Pitt’s Global Partnership Vision  

To be a leader in inter-institutional global partnerships, creating a renowned ecosystem for collaboration and developing solutions to the world’s most pressing global challenges.  

Pitt is committed to ensuring a mission-driven focus to all partnerships and fostering a global mindset, diversity, equity, and inclusion in an ever-changing world.

A Message from the Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs

Read this message from Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and Director of the University Center for International Studies, Dr. Ariel Armony.

Partnership Offices at Pitt 

Pitt’s commitment to global engagement is interwoven throughout all departments and areas of study. Learn more and contact offices focused on global partnerships and engagement today. 

Partnership Opportunities at Pitt 

From research to academics to mobility, Pitt is proud to offer various partnership opportunities with peers across the globe. Learn more about Pitt’s partnership opportunities today.