Pitt Partnership Offices

Pitt’s commitment to global education is woven throughout its departments and areas of study. Numerous departments work in tandem to provide resources, ensure compliance, develop programs, offer experiences, and ensure that Pitt's international efforts are comprehensive and held to the highest of standards. 

For the purposes of global partnership inter-institutional agreements, you will work with a point person from the PittGlobal Partnerships Team who will liaise with numerous offices listed below. There may be instances in which you will work directly with the offices listed below; please read below for details or reach out to the PittGlobal Partnerships team for additional guidance.

Purview: This team is comprised of individuals from the Global Partnerships & Partner Engagement Team under the direction of the Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and the Global Administration team from the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Global Affairs, Health Sciences. This central team is the primary contact for the vast majority of global inter-institutional partnerships and collaboration and will liaise with a number of departments across Pitt's network to both assist in moving agreements through the approval process as well as offering strategy and analysis for developing new or expanding existing agreements with international partners.


Contact this team directly for: Guidance on how create or expand global inter-institutional partnerships, reports on Pitt-wide engagement with institutions, countries, and regions across the globe, and other resources for hosting international delegations, international travel, and other PittGlobal tools and expertise.


Website: https://globalpartnerships.pitt.edu

Email: globalpartnerships@pitt.edu


Learn more about the PittGlobal Partnerships team

Purview: Global Operations Support provides Pitt faculty members with guidance and support for international research and coordinating international work domestically. This includes, but is not limited to: international business operations and payments (international independent contractors, honoraria, research payments), provider services (translation & interpretation, visas & passports) and travel (travel basics, insurance coverage, technology abroad, trip registration). 


Contact this team directly for: International business operations and payments (international independent contractors, honoraria, research payments), provider services (translation and interpretation, visas and passports), travel (travel basics, insurance coverage, technology abroad, trip registration).


Website: https://globaloperations.pitt.edu/ 
Email:  globalsupport@pitt.edu

Purview: The Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship inspires, educates, and enables others to make an impact on society, improve the regional economy and transform their own careers and is composed of four units: The Innovation Institute, the Office of Industry and Economic Partnerships, the Big Idea Center for student innovation, and the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence.


Contact this team directly for: Intellectual property management; technology licensing and startup formation; commercialization education, mentoring and funding.


Website: https://www.innovation.pitt.edu/
Email: innovate@pitt.edu

Purview: Contact Pitt's Office of Admissions and Financial Aid - International Admissions for additional guidelines in various languages regarding international student applications to the University of Pittsburgh's undergraduate and graduate programs. From excellent academic programs to research, internship, and extracurricular opportunities, Pitt is ready to help our students from across the globe build their path to success at the University of Pittsburgh.


Contact this team directly for: International student admissions guidance and questions.


Website: https://admissions.pitt.edu/international/
Email: pitt.admissions@pitt.edu

Purview: The Office of Industry and Economic Partnerships aligns Pitt's vast research capabilities and world-class expertise with the needs of industry, creating mutually beneficial partnerships that advance important science, solve industry-relevant R&D challenges, and provide channels for the commercialization of new technologies of high value and societal impact.


Contact this team directly for: Sponsored research, technology licensing, new venture creation.


Website: https://oiep.pitt.edu/
Email: partner@pitt.edu

Purview: The Office of International Services is the University’s immigration specialist, serving all campuses and the 6000 international students, scholars, staff, and faculty who call Pitt their academic home.


Contact this team directly for: Immigration-related services for international visitors, students, faculty, researchers, and staff


Website: www.ois.pitt.edu
Email: OIS@pitt.edu

Purview: The Office of Sponsored Programs, a central office reporting to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research, is charged with assisting faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to promote and secure sponsored research funding.

The OSP reviews, negotiates, endorses, and provides administrative oversight related to proposals and awards in accordance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations. The Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Research Operations of the Office of Sponsored Programs serves as the designated University Officer empowered for all sponsored research activities.


Contact this team directly for: Assistance with finding funding; disclosure compliance; outgoing subaward requests; guides for MyFunding, processing federal contracts, industry-sponsored contracts, or grants and non-profit agreements.


Website: www.osp.pitt.edu
Email: osp@pitt.edu

Purview: The Office of Trade Compliance at the University of Pittsburgh was created to provide best practices advice and hands-on assistance to the University community for compliance with U.S. trade regulations, visitor management, and drones. Additionally, OTC provides general advice on the topic of undue foreign influence and manages the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research webpage entitled “Managing International Research and Engagement"


Contact this team directly for: Trade regulations, export licensing and license exception or exemptions, training programs for faculty and staff


Website: https://www.tradecompliance.pitt.edu/
Email: tradecompliance@pitt.edu

Purview: PittGEO offers more than 350 programs in 75 countries (including the US) and works with students, faculty, and staff at Pitt and across the globe to help Pitt students find programs that allow them to study subjects that matter, develop as academics, professionals, and citizens, and engage with local communities in responsible and meaningful ways. PittGEO offers Study Abroad, Study Away, and virtual experiences.


Contact this team directly for:  Development of global learning experiences for undergraduate students


Email: globalexperiences@pitt.edu

Purview: The University Center for International Studies is the primary resource for initiating and managing international programs, studies and support services while promoting the University’s reputation as a leader in global education. A key goal of UCIS is to cultivate globally capable and engaged students toward lives of impact in their community and beyond. In short, to prepare undergraduate and graduate students who are global ready.  This is achieved by certificate programs, study abroad, curriculum development, and seminars.


Learn more about the Center for African Studies; Asian Studies Center; European Studies Center; Global Studies Center; Center for Latin American Studies; and Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies at www.ucis.pitt.edu.  


Contact this team directly for: Guidance on global engagement, regional expertise, and general questions regarding opportunities for faculty, staff, and alumni to engage globally via the numerous programs and departments tied to international study both domestically and abroad.


Website: www.ucis.pitt.edu
Email: ucis@pitt.edu