Partnership Engagement: Log Details and Request Reports

MoveOn: An exciting new system to support your global engagement

PittGlobal is excited to offer a centralized system to gather information on university-wide global engagement and partnerships to allow for quick and comprehensive reporting. This will benefit colleagues in their daily lives and provide critical support to the University’s strategic initiatives, maximize engagement, and allow Pitt to continue its growth as a truly global institution.

Created in response to the Global Plan for Pitt and Plan for Pitt, this university-wide system implementation is a co-led venture by the Global Partnerships & Partner Engagement Team (GP&E) under the Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs and the office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and International Programs for the Schools of the Health Sciences and is a university-wide engagement opportunity intended to benefit stakeholders from all schools and departments.  

The official launch of this new system via the MoveOn product from QS Unisolution is slated to launch in summer 2023. At that time additional forms and trainings on this system will be available to all interested parties who whish to access Pitt's global engagement and partnership information.

At this time, international collaboration, visitor, and travel abroad data is being collected by the GP&E team for upload in to the MoveOn system when ready. To log your information, please complete the Meeting Survey.

While standard agreement information has been logged by Pitt in previous years, a critical gap was identified in that details of collaborations with international partners and entities was not being consistently tracked and offered no way to holistically view collaboration efforts across the University of Pittsburgh system. This system acts as a central repository for collaboration information that can not only help you, our Pitt faculty and staff, better retrieve your own notes on collaboration, but also request a larger report of faculty, schools, departments, and offices with shared international goals, interinstitutional contacts, and expertise in a specific region, country, or area of study.


A small sampling of the data being tracked in MoveOn includes:

  • Formal and informal collaboration with interinstitutional partners
    • Allows faculty to log meetings information for their personal use including, conversations regarding collaboration opportunities, etc. to assist in moving their projects forward
    • Noting existing connections between Pitt point persons relating to existing partnerships to connect relevant Pitt faculty and staff when appropriate
  • Academics
    • Joint degree programs
    • Joint institutions
    • Consortia
    • Accelerated/Pathway Programs
    • Remote academic collaboration opportunities
  • Engagement & Mobility
    • Number and balance of student mobility
    • Research and internship opportunities for students abroad
    • J-1 interns, scholars, and research scholars
    • Staff exchange, faculty teaching agreements, and faculty non-teaching agreements
    • Delegation visits (including objectives, results, and gifts given to avoid duplicacy)
  • Research
    • Co-publication statistics
    • Citation Impact of co-publications
    • Funding generated as a result of co-publications
    • Active research, patents, licensing, etc.

This revolutionary system has the potential to be incredibly holistic, connecting touchpoints from across not only the Pitt network, but our network of partners across the globe. Data stored in this system is in no way intended to oversee your international efforts, rather it is an opportunity to highlight your international programs and initiatives while offering you and your colleagues resources as you work to expand, develop, or even close out your various projects related to your own global goals as well as those of your school, department, and greater university. By logging as much data as possible in this system, you are not only offering the partnerships team strategic data on our global reach, but you are entering a network created for your benefit, creating easy to access information, resources, and contacts to advance your important work.


MoveON is used to report information to PittGlobal. MoveON allows faculty and trainees to share their international engagements with PittGlobal but does not report this information to federal or other funding agencies or to the University disclosure system, MyDisclosures. You must still disclose any required information on all funding applications and award documents as required by the federal or other funding agency and in MyDisclosures ( as required by the University’s Conflict of Interest policies. Failure to do so may result in removal or repayment of funding and discipline, up to and including termination.  If you have any questions regarding these reporting requirements, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at with funding agency-related disclosure inquiries and the Conflict of Interest Division of the Office of Research Protections ( with MyDisclosures and conflict of interest-related inquiries. 

No. This is an optional feature that is highly recommended for our international faculty champions and those deeply engaged in international collaboration. The information gathered in this system is not intended for Pitt oversight or review. Rather, it is intended to be a centralized location to provide a snapshot of Pitt's engagement with partners, countries, and regions of the world. The more data that faculty, staff, and departments contribute to this resource, the more comprehensive and strategic understanding faculty, staff, schools, departments, and senior leadership will have of Pitt's international engagement.

No. Only a handful of Pitt staff with back end MoveOn access will be able to see all information logged in the system. Only basic information that you deem shareable will be available to the general University of Pittsburgh community. If folks wish to seek more detailed information, you may be contacted by this core MoveOn team but no sensitive or unapproved information will be released without your permission.

To learn more about existing partnership data or to request a MoveOn snapshot report, please email Please note that MoveOn snapshot reports can be quickly pulled, but deeper analysis will require significant efforts from the Global Partnerships team. Formal Global Partnerships Inventory Tracking Tool (GPITT) reports are currently only available for a small number of partner institutions.