Value of Global Partnerships

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to establishing
an inclusive and multi-layered network
of community, corporate, and university partners
dedicated to addressing critical local and global issues
through focused, multi-dimensional engagement and collaboration
in research, teaching, and service on a global stage. 

Beyond Transactional Agreements: The Value of Global Partnerships at Pitt

Collaboration with international partners is critical to critical to advance, diversify, and deepen relationships that support both faculty-level and university-level global goals, including the Plan for Pitt and its commitment to Our People, Our Programs, and our Purpose.

While formal agreements are one aspect of partnership often required to move initiatives forward, the focused and well-supported partnerships can advance faculty-led programs and research, enrich the student experience, and directly impact local and global communities.

Partnership Success At A Glance: Newcastle University, United Kingdom

 Originating as a connection with the European Studies Center, Pitt's partnership with Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK has evolved to include student and faculty exchange, joint conferences, and collaboration relating to a wide range of subjects from children's literature to regional development. As two cities facing similar challenges relating to the reinvention of post-industrial cities, Pitt and Newcastle have hosted joint conferences focused on how universities can play a role in supporting their communities and have engaged the leadership of both universities and city/regional leaders from both Pittsburgh and Newcastle upon Tyne. This well-supported partnership continues to grow and provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate globally, gaining critical insights that can provide a direct positive impact on both universities and their communities.

In addition to fostering student mobility, partnerships can:

Support Faculty Development

Connect to international experts in the field, cutting edge institutions, and global collaborations.

Increase International Prestige

Utilize dual degree programs to increase enrollment and international prestige.

Expand Opportunities For Research

Conduct research virtually or in-person with international peers for high-impact co-publications.

Increase Enrollment

Address a lack of expertise or limited lab or studio space by utilizing partnerships to expand access.

Increase Revenue

Offer training programs or consulting to schools overseas and help international peers establish themselves. 

Do So Much More...

Reach out and utilize the Global Partnership Incubator to learn more and support your global initiatives and plan.