Expand Your Partnership Engagement


The University of Pittsburgh values its many partnerships greatly and is committed to ensuring that all collaborations are positive, impactful, and mutually beneficial.

Pitt has been fortunate to form strong bonds with diverse partners working on both focused individual collaborative projects as well as large, multidimensional partnerships that span numerous schools and departments. No matter the current scale of collaboration, Pitt is always excited to connect with our trusted partners to nurture and grow these relationships and collaboration opportunities.

In order to facilitate these conversations, Pitt created a dedicated Global Partnerships team. This dedicated staff supports:

  • Development and/or sunsetting of formal collaboration agreements
  • Strategic analysis of potential growth of partner relationships
  • Identification of potential alignment between Pitt and partner objectives and expertise
  • Welcoming and/or providing resources to colleagues for welcoming our partners to campus for in-person delegation visits
  • Reporting on partner engagement efforts to Pitt senior leadership, faculty, and staff engaged in global collaboration to offer a holistic view of Pitt's greater global engagement initiatives

Expand your partnership engagement with Pitt by:

  • Explore on-campus delegation visits with focused meetings to explore collaboration expansion with key faculty, schools, and departments
  • Consider co-hosting or otherwise engaging in a joint conference, meetings to discuss best practices, or other means of informal collaboration outside of typical written agreements
  • Explore co-grants or other sponsored agreements offering research or collaboration opportunities to both institutions
  • Diversify the types of formal written agreements that exist between Pitt and your institution to provide collaboration in the areas of academics, research, and mobility and engagement. Click here to see the typical types of agreements at the University of Pittsburgh.

Contact the Global Partnerships Team today at GlobalPartnerships@pitt.edu to learn more about expanding your partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. Request a meeting or request a delegation visit today!